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Grow Your Business With Engaged Leaders & Cohesive Teams

Unlock Agility, Optimize Efficiency, Increase Revenue



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Is Your Company Missing Out On Opportunities to Grow Because:


Business demands outpace current leadership and team skills.

Miscommunication and conflicts are increasing stress among employees.

Lack of motivation is directly impacting productivity causing missed deadlines.

Inability to change and adapt is impeding innovation and achievement.

Cookie cutter training programs are failing to produce the desired results.

Engaged leaders and cohesive teams are pivotal to your company's growth.

You can't afford to be derailed by inefficiencies, daily firefighting and misguided decisions.

Custom Training Programs Grow a Business Where Leaders, Teams, and Employees Thrive. This Results In ...

Engaged Leaders

Build trust and inspire action, transforming individual talents into a collective force of innovation and achievement.


Cohesive Teams

Aligned by common objectives, building a culture of trust, and championing clear communication to spur innovation and superior results.

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A Healthy Workplace

Employees feel a genuine sense of belonging and purpose, tackling challenges with agility and optimism.

Meet John Bentley, Your Power 2 Transform Guide

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John knows the strain of a business not progressing at the desired pace, especially with untapped leadership and team potential.


At Power 2 Transform, we're convinced every company deserves the tools to enhance their workplace culture and fuel growth. Our custom leadership and team training spurred significant growth for Alabama Farm Credit and turned internal challenges into industry leading standards for medical centers.

We're more than a solution; we're your dedicated partner, navigating challenges with empathy, understanding, and personalized expertise.  

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Leadership and Team Development That Produces Predictable Business Growth

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John has been invaluable for our company’s growth. For perspective, we have grown more than 40% in the time we have worked with John, which is double our industry’s average."

- Mel Koller, President, Chief Executive Officer, Alabama Farm Credit

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Leadership and teamwork are truly the most significant competitive advantage any business- whether profit or non-profit, large or small can have. John's knowledge and learning programs helped us strengthen our team and positioned us as a stronger advocates for our members. The basic skills, often overlooked by many, are absolutely essential to our ability to maintain a focus on a mission critical to the effective delivery of health care services to all Alabamians.

- Mary Hayes Finch, CEO, Alabama Primary Health Care Association

How We Work Together

With a three-step process, John gives you a crystal clear roadmap for achieving measurable success.

01. Prepare

We partner with you to determine the leadership and team skills needed to grow your business.


02. Perform

We develop your leaders and teams enhancing their skills and behaviors to grow your business.


03. Perfect

We diligently track outcomes and adjust our methods as necessary, guaranteeing we meet your expected results.


Don't let unhealthy leadership and  team
dynamics stall business growth.

Enable consistent growth with engaged leaders who create cohesive teams and a thriving workplace culture.

Proven Success With:

Helping companies navigate the complex landscape of today's ever-evolving business environment.


Power 2 Transform (P2T), led by John Bentley is a results-driven consulting firm specializing in leadership and team development. With over 20 years experience, P2T offers fast-track training modules to long-term development partnerships. With a focus on trust as the foundation of all successful work relationships, P2T helps leaders and teams cultivate the skills and mindset necessary to deliver superior results.

From banking and healthcare to government institutions and nonprofits, P2T has a proven track record of success. Their programs, models, surveys and analytical framework have been developed through years of research, ensuring clients receive the highest level of expertise and support.


The vision of Power 2 Transform is simple: To inspire and equip organizations to create healthier, more joyful work environments where everyone can thrive and deliver exceptional results.

John Bentley

Video Testimonials

Hear from some of our client's success stories.

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You and Your Organization Deserve Consistent Growth for Your Company

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