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Leadership Resources

Welcome to the Power 2 Transform leadership resources hub, your source for invaluable insights on effective leadership. Explore essential topics such as productive conflict, emotional intelligence, key strategies to reduce turnover, and more. Elevate your leadership skills with expert guidance and practical resources to navigate challenges and foster a thriving and harmonious work environment.


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The Hidden Costs of Misunderstandings in the Workplace.png

The Hidden Costs of Misunderstandings in the Workplace

When clear, consistent communication is brushed aside, employee productivity, turnover rates, innovative thinking, and revenue streams suffer. Stressed, underinformed teams can’t work collaboratively if expectations aren’t clearly assigned. Strong communication matters more than you think – it can mean the difference between inspiring and retaining a talented employee or sending them to your competitor’s doorstep.


Download now to learn more about the impacts of miscommunication in the workplace and how we can successfully fight against it together.

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Book Chapter: The 5 Enablers of Success an Interview with John Bentley

In this interview, Bentley shares insights from his extensive leadership and management experience, which he honed over a twenty-one-year military career and in his role at Power 2 Transform. The interview covers key topics such as behavioral management, the importance of understanding human behavior, and strategies for creating successful organizations.


Key aspects of the document include:

  • Bentley's background and approach to leadership.

  • The importance of understanding and managing behavior in leadership.

  • The application of the DISC Behavior Model and its impact on communication and teamwork.

  • Bentley's philosophy on training, motivation, and resource management.

  • The "5 Enablers of Success" strategy, includes Vision, Skills, Motivation, Resources, and an Execution Plan.


Agility Unlocked: Revealing the Connection Between Agility and Emotional Intelligence

This eBook, Agility Unlocked: Revealing the Connection Between Agility and Emotional Intelligence, explores the connection between agility and emotional intelligence, the perceived impact it has on individual and organizational performance, and a proven methodology for development at scale: Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™.

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Keep Your People: How to Stop The Great Resignation

What is driving this historical moment in time where tens of millions of people have quit or are thinking about quitting their jobs in search of something new? The standard factors of a job like career advancement and compensation play a role, but it’s the human aspects of work that seem to be pushing people over the edge.


So, how can you leverage a people-centered culture to limit turnover in your organization?

Download Now to Gain:

  • Key strategies you can implement to keep your people and reduce turnover

  • An understanding of the connection between a people-centered workplace and employee stress levels

  • More information about how Wiley's Everything DiSC employee assessments can help you keep your people.


State of Teams: Insights into the Dynamic Nature of Teams in the Workplace

Organizations have never been more team-oriented than they are today. Though factors such as cross-functionality and working remotely (especially in the wake of COVID-19) have disrupted old patterns and practices. Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions recently conducted a survey to investigate the dynamic nature of teams in the workplace—and how organizations are responding.

This latest report, State of Teams, shares the survey’s responses of over 20,000 employees, lays out where teams and organizations are struggling, and offers a proven solution for effective teamwork.

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