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About John Bentley

My Story of Struggle ...

As early as in my teens I had the privilege and the responsibility of leading others - and failed miserably at it. While managing a well known million dollar steakhouse chain I was a pretty good people-pleaser, but a terrible leader.


Then on a vocational level, my career in the military resulted in disappointment after disappointment and I was always quick to point the finger at others for my not being promoted,

or given special assignments.


In fact, I was prepared to end my military career until a particularly insightful and caring leader in the Air Force shared a life lesson with me, telling me what (or who) the problem was.


He shared that my leadership style under pressure was similar to someone opening a coke can after it was shaken which put me on the road to understand why I spiraled out of control during tense moments.

Of Heartbreak ...

With renewed enthusiasm I began my career after the military - only to be hit with a personal tragedy in 2010 that every parent fears. My oldest daughter Natalie, the mother of my first grandson, died 15 days before her 29th birthday.


Tigee, as she was affectionately known, died from complications caused by her addiction to prescribed drugs. For a good 5 years I was in what can only be described as 'a really bad place,' feeling as much guilt as I did grief over the passing of my beautiful girl.

My Awakening ...

Working brutally long hours, gaining weight and being in a very negative space mentally, Tigees' death was still affecting me several years later.


It was what I know now to be a divine intervention through a friend, that got me thinking and focusing on things other than my own problems. My friend suggested I collect inspiring and motivational quotes, reasoning this could provide a shift from the negativity I was

demonstrating - physically, mentally and emotionally.


This collection resulted in my first book: "52 Ways to Motivate



It was during this period I came to a stark realization about my own identity crisis, recognizing that I'd been measuring my worth by the stuff I owned, what people said about me, and the titles I held.

And Then My Redemption ...

After realizing that my true identity is rooted in how God sees me, the urge to seek validation and measure my worth through external achievements faded away.

This epiphany also brought a newfound clarity to my professional path, guiding me toward a more purposeful way to contribute to the world. It led me to focus on leadership, but with a twist - highlighting the importance of leading oneself first, inspiring me to share my insights through the audio program "17 Biblical Principles of Success."

More About John

Like you, John has experienced life's ups and downs. One moment, you are on cloud nine; at other times, you become confused, unsure where to turn next. Through it all, John has come to understand that leading oneself is the key to positively influencing yourself and others, especially during difficult times.


John embarked on a mission to mold the next generation of leaders while honing his skills as a master instructor at the esteemed Air Force Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy. 


After retiring from the Air Force, he served as an Army Civilian. John's primary roles included Workforce Development Specialist, Human Resource Development Chief, Leadership Development Consultant, and Career Program Manager. 


With a commendable 41 years dedicated to public service, John shifted his focus towards leading Power 2 Transform Consulting. With over two decades of experience, he specializes in creating custom leadership programs and succession plans for mid-sized companies, fostering business growth.

His influence is evident in the success of his clients: Alabama Farm Credit saw a 40% growth, double the industry average;  a Regional Medical Center achieved a $250,000 cost reduction in their nursing home discharge process.


Beyond his consulting work, John passionately leads the You Are A GIFT Foundation. Here, he partners with organizations to support mothers overcoming prescription drug addiction, helping them lead meaningful Christ-like lives. 


John is the author of "You Are A GIFT" and "52 Ways to Motivate Yourself." He also contributed his insights in the book "Speaking of Success" alongside renowned authors Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, and Stephen Covey. Additionally, his expertise is featured in the audio program "17 Biblical Principles of Success."


John's personal life is enriched by his wife, Laura. They are proud parents of five adult children - Natalie, Krista, Jennifer, Kelly, and Mike and loving grandparents to Alex, Cohen, Kaiden, and Myla. Their home is further brightened by the presence of their beloved Yorkies, Bailey and Tucker. John and Laura call Hartselle, AL, their home.

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As an advisor, John has broad experience and insight. As a speaker, he is engaging and dynamic. As a thought leader, he has big ideas and is a paradigm shifter. And as a person, he is deeply caring and thoroughly honest. I give John my highest recommendation!

 Stephen M.R. Covey, The New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal best-selling author of "The Speed of Trust" and "Smart Trust"

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