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Leadership Coaching

Uncover your 'next level' capabilities.


There are very few things that bring me more satisfaction than working with an individual who is experiencing significant changes at work or in their personal life. Coaching allows me to do this by giving me the opportunity to help people make the right decisions as they transition from one situation or set of circumstances to another.


If this sounds like you, let's schedule a discovery call to talk about how you can benefit from one-on-one leadership coaching. 

Package 1


For Those Who Strive To Become Even Better...

This program is for you if you are seeking positive, lasting, and meaningful changes in your behavior - not only for you, but for your people and teams.

This package is for you if:

> You have the courage to learn
> You are willing to keep your ego in check
> You have the discipline to make changes

Our first step, based on the DiSC 363 for leaders, will involve working closely together to select the behaviors that will have the most significant impact on your leadership effectiveness.


Also included in your 6 month program:

> (12) fifty-minute virtual coaching sessions
> (12) fifteen-minute emergency calls
> Unlimited email and text support
> (4) Everything DiSC Assessments
> Long-term goal setting

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Package 2


For Those Who Have Experienced A Sudden Or Unexpected Change And Need To Hit The Ground Running...

These sessions are perfect for you if you are transitioning to a new leadership role. For example, perhaps you have assumed a new position as a supervisor with the objective of leading a successful change and desire coaching to ensure a seamless transition.

Package 3


For Those Who Needed To See Things Happening Yesterday...

Leaders are often thrown into the deep end by being handed a daunting task without appropriate direction. If this is you or a member of your team, I'm here to help!

These 3 sessions, conducted over 30 days, are laser-focused to ensure that your immediate leadership needs and concerns are addressed. All I ask is that you are self-motivated, have clarity surrounding the issue you want to improve, and can commit to participating in 3 sessions over 30 days.


You have 'Next Level' leadership capabilities and I want to help you uncover and implement them so you:


While we never know for sure what exact leadership challenges you will face, it does make sense to have an expectation that challenges (and opportunities) will come your way...


I'm tempted to say 'Perform even when under pressure' because pressure is a very personal thing relative to your core beliefs and expectations. Either way, you'll be ready to perform when the time comes.


The aim through our sessions together is for you to become highly skilled and proficient as a leader. It will take work and a great deal of effort, but the combination of us having sessions together, and you then applying what you learn in 'real time,' will allow you to go from theory to practice, perfecting your skills along the way.

Pass On

In addition to you being able to fulfill your own potential as a leader, another rewarding aspect of your training will be that you in turn will be able to provide guidance and mentoring to others . The mastery of your own self-leadership will allow you to influence others as you pass on and 'teach' what you learn.

Ready to get started?  Contact me today!

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