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John Bentley works with leaders and teams that are ready to connect, collaborate and conquer the behaviors that derail high performance and limit profitability.

Today more than ever, individuals are responsible for leading themselves and managing team relationships to achieve organizational outcomes. Unfortunately, they are woefully unprepared. Therefore, leadership and team behaviors are counterproductive because people aim themselves AT each other.

How many of these Counterproductive AT Behaviors do your leaders and teams exhibit?
  • Insensitive to others; does not recognize the negative impact on the ability to function as a team.
  • Inability to adapt to a new role, acquire new skills or implement organizational changes.
  • Lacks the interpersonal skills to convince, direct, influence, motivate or lead others.
  • Blames others and avoids admitting mistakes even when presented with the facts.
  • Avoids working with others, acts independently and views others as competitors.
  • Rejects suggestions from followers and peers.

What happens though when individuals manage their behavior? Simply put, leaders and teams are productive because they willingly work WITH each other. Furthermore, everyone is committed to achieving collective outcomes.

How would your organization benefit form these Productive WITH Behaviors?
  • Shows vulnerability by admitting mistakes.
  • Quicker decisions with better outcomes.
  • Engage in healthy conflict around ideas.
  • Hold each other accountable for results.
  • Individual strengths are valued.
  • Everyone’s opinion matters.
Healthcare client shares how Power 2 Transform helped them develop productive behaviors that allowed them to be ranked 11th out 5,000 hospitals nationally.

Whether speaking or training, the journey begins with discovery and dialogue, takes shape with improved performance and is fueled by results made possible through interactive development experiences that drive leadership and team behavior change.

Every development experience provides rich content, including tips, strategies, and action plans for leaders and teams to overcome current beliefs and immediately develop the behaviors required for high performance and maximum profitability.

Whether you’re an HR manager, director, administrator or executive, you can take advantage of our customized leadership team development programs and targeted workshops. Click on the graphics below to learn more:


Jim Weidner, former President and CEO shares how Power 2 Transform delivered solutions to solve quality, patient satisfaction and cost issues.

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You are in the right place if you want your leaders and teams to willingly invest their talents to sustain growth and profitability!
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